About Alessia Couture

Alessia Couture is the first couture cleaner & high-end dry cleaner in the UAE. We specialize in cleaning and preserving high-end garments and accessories.

our services
Couture Cleaning

Our expert team has extensive experience dealing with high-end garments and precious fabrics. Before the cleaning begins, your couture garment is examined to determine the best way to treat its unique design. Professional and gentle cleaning techniques are applied in order to extend the life of your investment pieces. 

Bridal Cleaning & Preservation

We maintain, renew, and preserve your wedding gown and any other formal wear. We can professionally preserve your dress so that you can treasure it always. Your gown will stay as fresh as when you first wore it.

We are proud to say that we are affiliated to Prestige Preservation USA. For more information about Prestige Preservation method please click here

Shoe Polishing and Repairing

Your special shoes can last longer with a little care from time to time. Alessia Couture offers shoe cleaning and repairing service for all types of shoes. This special service provides a ranging of services such as

* Heels repair
* Full Soles
* Half Soles
* Re-stitching
* Polish and Cleaning

Fine Dry Cleaning

Every garment is carefully inspected to ensure that the most appropriate cleaning techniques are used to extend the life of your garments. Our cleaning method never relies on a “one size fits all” approach. You can count on us to deliver your garments spotless, perfectly pressed, and smelling clean and fresh, without any shine impression.